The properties found in our water are 100% natural, bottling the product directly from its origin.

TDS (Total de Sólidos Disueltos), representa la concentración total de substancias disueltas en el agua. Estas substancias pueden ser cationes o aniones, entre estos podemos encontrar Calcio, Magnesio, Sodio, Potasio, Silica, Bicarbonatos, Sulfatos y Cloruro

El pH mide el nivel de acidez o la alcalinidad del agua. La escala tiene un rango de 0(ácido) a 14(alcalino).

Equilibrio desde su origen catalogada con un pH de 7.1 escala neutro.

Virginality describes how protected is the water from the surroundings by measuring the levels of nitrate. These measurements are made at the source.

Superior | 0 - 1mg/l
Very Good | 1 - 4mg/l
Good | 4 - 7mg/l
Acceptable | 7 - 10 mg/l
Potable | 10 -50 mg/l

Potassium is an important mineral special for muscle contraction and heartbeat rate. It helps strengthen the skeletal muscles.
Did you know?
For a healthy diet you should consume 4.7g of potassium per day

Calcium is important in the human body to stabilize the bone structure, teeth, and cell membrane.
Did you know?
For a healthy diet you should consume 600mg of calcium per day.

Magnesium is an important mineral that humans need, but it lacks in our daily nutrition. Magnesium avoids muscle contractions, to strengthen the bone structure, to expand blood vessels avoiding and mitigating the risk of a heart attack.
Did you know?
Our body need around 300 to 400mg of magnesium per day.

Silica is extremely important in adults’ consumption. This mineral reduces the risk of heart diseases, may prevent osteoporosis, it’s also an antioxidant strengthening the tissues, hair, and nails.
Did you know?
Is the responsible mineral of making Tradicional taste smooth with its unique freshness impact monthwise.
Smooths the metal impacts on fish meats

Colodial Gold has been known as for reactivating the immune system, stimulates the memory and IQ, balances our digestive system and for the believers is quite aphrodisiac.
Did you know?
Colloidal Gold had been used as a natural mineral that has many properties since 1857. However, the use of gold and its curative or elixir beliefs start 5,000 years ago.

Some properties of colloidal silver are that non bacteria, virus, moho, or microorganisms can live in a liquid that has one particle of silver.
Did you know?
Colloidal Silver has been known to have antibiotic properties since the midterms of XX century.

Sulfate helps the liver detoxify the body and helps digestion.
Did you know?
Approximately we consume around 500mg of sulfates per day.