Our History

We believe that our collaborators are our main allies that allow us to bring artesian purity to your homes. 20% of our collaborators are under the age of 25, to whom we encourage and support in constant educational and professional development. A large percentage of women are responsible for the machinery, to whom we entrust the “untouched by human” bottling process, assuring the purity of the product. We work with high technology that allows us to have a high-quality product.


The artesian spring was found in the 20th century by Pericles Gallegos Vallejo and his son Luis Benigno Gallegos Chiriboga. A treasure protected by nature with the best quality and high index of purity.
With a great vision, the first artesian spring water was launched in Ecuador under the brand “Agua Linda”. The first table water of natural origins.


A new brand is created, known as Tradicional. The new brand followed the market trends redesigning the packaging and creating new presentations. At the same time, new technological equipment was implemented.


Tradicional’s image is renewed based on new trends giving the brand a new perspective.


The first exportation of Tradicional artesian spring water was carried out.

Recent years:

Tradicional and Agua Linda are part of a family business that has been carried out for three generations, developing, innovating and transmitting a dream since the 1980's.

We are faithful believers that water is not only water but the reflection of its origins and the circumstances of its geology.



Estreli Mande Award for quality in Mexico


International Trophy for Quality in France


Food and Drink Gold Trophy in Germany


Member of Fine Water Society

2018 Fine Water tasting Machachi

A competition of 32 international brands in the low mineral index category. Tradicional artesian spring water obtained 96 points out of 100, placing us
among the 5 best artesian spring waters in the world.

2019-Fine Water tasting Estocolmo

A competition of 25 international brands in the low mineral index category. Tradicional artesian spring water obtained 94 points out of 100 keeping our ranking among the 5 best artesian spring water in the world.

2019 Water Expo Water Sommelier Round Table Guangzhou, China

Invitation to participate in Guangzhou’s water Expo with the best artesian spring water in the world.